Train Stations Near Inn & Suites in Northern California: An Expert's Guide

Are you looking for a convenient way to travel airports without worrying about parking? Let's explore four Amtrak stations near Redding California how they can be useful for you.

Train Stations Near Inn & Suites in Northern California: An Expert's Guide

Are you looking for a convenient way to travel to and from the airport without worrying about parking? Amtrak could be the perfect solution for you. Intercity train travel provides travelers with more options and better access to cheaper fares, as well as a convenient way for those living near airports to travel between cities. Let's explore the four Amtrak stations near Redding, California and how they can be useful for you.The BWI Airport Station is the first airport in the country to have an intercity rail connection. It also has the local commuter train called the MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter) train, with its Penn Line service making frequent trips to DC, Baltimore, and as far north as Perryville, Maryland.

There are also several other transportation options to and from BWI, such as a light rail that goes to downtown Baltimore and several different bus services, including a D, C. Metrobus with service to the Greenbelt metro station. BWI is a major connecting airport for Southwest Airlines and a wide variety of other airlines, from Allegiant Air to Icelandair.Often the cheapest flight in the metropolitan area of D, C. The area will be up to BWI Airport, and the airport train station offers travelers a convenient way to get to and from their cheap flights.

There are about 3.5 million people living within a 25-mile radius of the BWI Airport train station, according to the RPA. Those who live or visit the area, even when they're not flying, may find the airport train station more convenient than other nearby train stations. After all, the station has a parking lot and is located near several major highways. BWI spokesperson Jonathan Dean confirms that the station is used by both travelers and non-flying people.For those living or visiting certain parts of Maryland, DC or Northern Virginia, Amtrak or MARC service can be used when traveling to and from BWI.

An Amtrak train from Wilmington to the BWI airport station takes approximately one hour. Direct connectivity from the airport to Delaware is especially important because Delaware has only one airport with regular commercial service, Wilmington Airport (ILG), and Frontier Airlines is the only airline that serves ILG with three flights a week to Orlando (MCO). Direct train access to BWI significantly increases flight options for those in the Wilmington area.Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is another major airport that is closer to Wilmington than to BWI, but PHL does not have an Amtrak station at the airport. A traveler taking the train from Wilmington would have to change trains to the local airport train, while the BWI Amtrak station offers Wilmington travelers a direct airport train option.The BUR Airport South Station is served by Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner, which runs between San Luis Obispo, California, and San Diego, and the Coast Starlight, which runs between Seattle and Los Angeles.

A commuter train, the Ventura County Metrolink line, also reaches the airport's south station, with service between East Ventura (California) and Los Angeles Union Station. There is also another train station on the other side of the airport, served by Metrolink's Antelope Valley line, with service between Lancaster (California) and Los Angeles.Airline service to BUR includes Avelo Airlines with 12 destinations (soon to be only 10 destinations) and Alaska Airlines, which recently added a third route from Burbank to Santa Rosa, California (STS), in a direct challenge to Avelo. Travelers from the airport can access the Amtrak station by bus or on foot. To ride the bus to the station, passengers must take the bus from Lot C and ask the driver to drop them off at the South train station.

To walk to the station, follow the signs and walk about 0.25 miles before crossing Empire Avenue.Travelers who wish to access the other airport train station (other than Amtrak) from the airport should call to request a free shuttle. More information can be found here on the Metrolink website.Amtrak complements Metrolink service to BUR by offering more frequencies on trips to nearby stations such as Union Station in Los Angeles and Van Nuys. Travelers who purchase a Metrolink ticket can even take Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner between Burbank Airport and Union Station as part of their Rail 2 Rail agreement. Amtrak also serves stations from Burbank Airport that are out of reach of a direct Metrolink train such as Santa Barbara, San Clemente Pier Station and Oceanside.

Those taking Coast Starlight trains between cities like Sacramento, Portland Oregon or Seattle may find BUR Airport Station useful since it is close to Union Station at its southern end. This makes it an easy way for travelers who want to start their journey by plane. The Pacific Surfliner provides direct service between BUR and Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), which is a short distance away from Los Angeles Angels baseball stadium. A traveler who wants to see Angels play can fly into BUR then take an Amtrak train directly ARTIC where there are also nearby hotel options.

There is also a bus service between ARTIC station and BUR that operates frequently.The EWR Airport Station is served by Amtrak's Northeast Regional and Keystone Service. Northeast Regional offers direct service to nearby cities such as New York City, Trenton New Jersey and Philadelphia while Keystone Service provides direct trains between EWR and Harrisburg Pennsylvania. However there are no direct trains between EWR Airport Station and Redding California so travelers will need transfer at least once if they want take Amtrak from Redding California all way EWR Airport Station.In conclusion there are four Amtrak stations near Redding California that offer travelers convenient access airports without worrying about parking or expensive fares. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure these stations provide an easy way for you get where you need go.